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PanaJet Aviation Fuel Services
Our customers value single supplier convenience - competitive pricing, trade credit availability, price risk management, logistical support, fuel quality control and fuel procurement outsourcing - all provided by our global team of local professionals.
- Worldwide fuel distribution and management
- Intoplane rate Negotiation
- Competitively priced fuel in more than 3,000 locations globally

Ground handling -- including passenger and baggage handling, landing rights, coordination with local aviation authorities, aircraft services, catering, cabin cleaning, customs approvals, third-party invoice reconciliation.

- Flight planning -- routing aircraft, obtaining permits, arranging overflies, flight follow services.
- Fuel administration, fuel tendering and third-party invoice reconciliation services

Concierge Services -- meeting planes; renting cars and limousines, boat charters, a condo or a mansion, or coordinating a V.I.P. event.